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Discover how Procurement Partners can help you discover BIG savings today!

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Electronic Commerce; Procurement Automation; Spend Management

Complete business commerce automation, integration, and customization at your finger tips – the perfect fit to meet your company’s specific needs!

Evolving Commerce - that is the Procurement Partners commitment to all of our customers - Buyers, Vendors, and Service Providers.  We offer speed, efficiency, flexibility, and total automation – at the most competitive price.  An unbeatable value for all partners involved. 

Procurement Partners is a complete commerce automation (purchase orders, invoices, product and contract maintenance) and reporting solution with intelligent direction and feedback for procurement decisions.  We connect multiple facilities, satellite locations, and branch offices to the vendors, products, pricing, delivery terms, and service providers carefully negotiated and selected by their parent company. Procurement Partners allows flexibility and customization for each corporate entity to support their partner selection, the business rules negotiated with each partner, their internal G/L structure, and their purchasing chain of command.

Why Procurement Partners?  Here is what makes our solutions unique:

  • Lower procurement cost - by reducing the expense of managing contracts and the products you buy, placing purchase orders, processing invoices, while improving contract terms and maximizing the best prices
  • Decreased costs to supplier partners – by reducing purchase order and invoice processing, cutting marketing expenses, improving compliance, and maximizing inventory forecasting
  • Superior functionality
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to implement
  • Flexibility for all partners
  • Connectivity to more devices and platforms
  • Vendor and Service Provider-friendly model and interfacing
  • Newest technology standards employed
  • Integration with other applications – dashboard, claims processing, and labor management, among others.
  • Best-in-class customizable reporting
  • Lowest cost to implement

Join Procurement Partners today. 


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