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Who we are

The Procurement Partners team is comprised of Procure-to-Pay and technology experts with decades of experience working for healthcare, vendor, contracting and software organizations. This allows us to understand the complexities of all parties involved and make sure everyone is maximizing their value.

What makes us unique

Procurement Partners owns all of its intellectual property and all development, integrations, implementations, and support are managed in-house.  Because we are not owned by a vendor or purchasing organization, we are able to maintain a neutral position for all parties involved – buyers, vendors and contracting organizations.

Procurement Partners lives up to its name by partnering with you through every step of the process. None of our clients have ever required a technical consultant to implement our solution. We offer individualized training for each organization as your system goes live and continue to offer training to support your evolving organization. Finally, we offer ongoing support at every level including a help desk for your end users and point person for your corporate team. 

Our customers

The Procurement Partners solution is flexible enough to work in any marketplace and with organizations of any size. We have customers that manage purchasing for a single location, and others that have over 5000 locations on their site.

Our Mission

Utilize cutting edge technology and interoperability to be the best business marketplace, providing the most value to all parties, while offering the highest level of service…always