Procurement Services

Find the money four ways.

Every company has them - it comes down to knowing where to look. 

Innovative strategies unlock savings

• Accelerate supply chain performance  •  Free up time, resources, and capital to focus on other priorities
• Reduce risk and compliance liability  •  Compress cycle times
• Scale your procurement organization to achieve market-leading agreements 

Team up with Procurement Partners professionals and tap into decades of experience. You'll uncover hidden costs 4 ways:

Cut costs

  • Find patterns that erode your bottom line with spend analytics.
Spend Analytics

Maximize contract value

  • Maximize contract value with strategic sourcing and negotiations.
Strategic Sourcing

Scrutinize partners

  • Be data-driven in how you award business with vendor performance management.
Formulary Compliance

Drive compliance

  • Rein in rogue spend with formulary compliance and management
Vendor Performance

Achieve up to double-digit, incremental savings

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The Bottom Line:

It's time for truth serum on spend. Day in and day out, all these experts do is optimize procurement. It's about asking the right questions; and having no fear to ask the toughest ones.

  • Is every location taking advantage of every benefit of your purchasing program?

  • Save up to 9.4% on non-labor spend.

  • Drive profitability on every transaction.