Formulary Compliance and Management

How Good Are They?

Vendor relationships run the gamut of good, great, and not so great. Objectively measuring their performance is a constant challenge.

Measure and Maximize

Team up with experts at Procurement Partners and you'll replace intuition with intelligent facts. You'll tap into critical supply chain information with technology and deep knowledge of best practices. 

Improve Consistency

  • Conduct monthly monitoring of all transactions to ensure formulary compliance and savings.

Increase Productivity

  • Build and evaluate formulary compliance metrics for management visibility and review.

Maximize Savings

  • Get strategic recommendations to curtail noncompliance and increase savings.

Track Savings

  • Identify and forecast expected rebates based on formulary compliance.

Achieve up to double-digit, incremental savings

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The Bottom Line:

Boost productivity to find, manage, and incentivize the right talent on which your reputation and results depend.

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