Vendor Information


Procurement Partners is one of the most flexible Procure-to-Pay systems available. We have our own proprietary middleware as well as a team of experienced integration analysts that work to make the integration process as simple as possible. Ultimately, vendors benefit from an integration with Procurement Partners through increased vendor and formulary compliance, reduced efforts servicing customers, as well as faster payments and visibility into invoice statuses.

Integration Options

  • Electronic Data Exchange   -  Procurement Partners can systemically send purchase orders and/or receive invoices through processes such as EDI or cXML, and we also support flat file integrations for invoicing as well as email integrations for ordering
  • Punch-out and Hosted Catalog   –  We support both punch-out and hosted catalog for ordering, giving customers and vendors the flexibility to offer as much product information as necessary
  • Community Vendor   -  If a vendor does not have the ability to accommodate an EDI or cXML integration, Procurement Partners offers an option to enter invoices into an online vendor portal or process invoices through an API from various ERP systems
  • Patient Data – Procurement Partners can send and/or receive patient data using tools that are HIPAA compliant
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Common Vendor Categories

  • Broadline food
  • Specialty food such as bakery, dairy, produce and coffee
  • Medical supplies
  • Maintenance repair and operations
  • Office supplies
  • Janitorial/Housekeeping supplies
  • Activity supplies and decorations
  • Linens
  • Therapy supplies