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Why Organizations Use Our System

Procurement Partners helps drive compliance with preferred vendors and contracts. Our easy-to-use portal provides users a single site to place orders and process invoices for all vendors. Most importantly, customers are able to reduce their annual spend by 10% or more with the compliance and process improvement that Procurement Partners brings.

Core Functions

At the heart of the Procurement Partners system are robust tools that allow an organization to manage their ordering and invoicing processes. Some of the key features include:

  • Ordering - Place orders with multiple vendors via a single site through both hosted catalog and punch out options
  • Approvals – Multi-step order and invoice approval processes customized based on user, location and/or vendor
  • General Ledger coding - Accurate GL coding of all invoices and the ability to split invoices across GL codes or locations
  • Accounts Payable Integration - Procurement Partners offers the most flexible and customizable AP solution with options for APIs into your accounting platform as well as the ability to receive copies of your invoices
  • Budget Management - Make smart purchasing decisions with real-time spend-to-budget visibility, alerts, and approvals, as well as accurately forecast with comprehensive reporting and drill-down detail
  • 100% Invoice Automation – Capture every invoice from every vendor with the ability to email, enter or import invoices into the portal as well as tools that allow any vendor to send electronic invoices to Procurement Partners
  • Requisitions - Automate capital and product requests or create a purchase order for every expense at a location

Control 100% of your spend and drive savings to your bottom line

Our system was developed with input from both customers and vendors to ensure users have the best experience managing their orders and invoices. Procurement Partners is the best value in procurement automation.